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Never Been Here?

Booking online is easy; just scroll through the 'New Client' services, request the service you want with the stylist you want. If you're looking for Highlights, Balayage, or something not listed, just book a consultation. You can always give us a call or send us an email.

First Time Booking Online?

If you've booked with us previously, then you have an account already and we can send you your login details; just request it here. If you don't feel like waiting for that, just create a new account and the IT guys in another time zone will merge them later. We always love a good phone call & email so please feel free to keep doing that if that's easier for you.

System Not Working?

Before you mutter alternative profanities and toss your smart device across the room, just call or email David because it's probably his fault anyway, so he can help you!

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